Oboi Laboratories
is proud to introduce itself as a fully integrated specialty pharmaceutical formulations company engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing a spectrum of pharmaceutical formulations in India.

Since its inception, Oboi has been focused on the twin objectives of availability and affordability. We seek to serve the broadest possible spectrum of patients of all economic strata by bringing them a formulations portfolio across a wide range of therapeutic areas and at the most reasonable costs.

Headquartered in Mumbai, and having state-of-the-art, WHO GMP certified manufacturing units located in Tarapur, our every product is backed by our reputation for consistent quality and constant innovation. We are dedicated to delivering the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction, through top quality, an expanding a range of pharmaceutical formulations and timely deliveries.

We are focusing our growth-oriented approach towards building a marketing team that is truly without limits. We have seen steady growth through the years and believe the time is now ripe for a sustained penetration of the Indian market.

We have a vision and are looking for the right people to turn it into a reality. We seek energetic and creative people who are looking towards taking our products the length and breadth of the country, to hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and patients. In return, we offer every Oboite a host of advantages, like financial assistance, flexible policies, tremendous marketing support and much more. This is your opportunity to grow in accordance with your own dreams and ability.

With Oboi, you will get the chance to work independently and be the leader of your own destiny. While we will act as an on-going and comprehensive back-up marketing and communication support. Together, we'll be partners in progress and combine sound business with the joy of bringing solace to sick people.